Re: Elec. and Water and a Question

I have been subscribed to the list for a couple of weeks now.  I have been
following the thread on substrate heating and would like to offer this

To support my aquatic planting I work as a lighting designer for a very large
theme park firm and am quite familiar with electricity in water.  It is our
policy to use only low voltage lighting underwater.  Yes, it's possible to
legally use line (mains) voltage with GFI protection but we just won't do it
if we can avoid it at all.  This goes double for Europe and 220volts (pun
intended). Glass tube heaters aside, I would not build my own substrate
heater on anything more than 24volts.  Its not worth it.

That speech over, I would like to ask if anyone can tell me the actual name
for a plant sold to me as an "Octopus Plant"?  Like the name implys it has
many wild/thin tubular arms and make an interesting focus piece.  


David Taylor
TAYLORDA at aol_com