Information on the Aquatic Gardeners Association

>From: "Christopher R. Noto" <cnoto at freenet_scri.fsu.edu>
>I'd like a pointer, and perhaps some information, on the "AGA" 
>(Aquatic Gardeners Association?) that has been mentioned on the list. 

Here is some information (lifted shamelessly from an issue of "The
Aquatic Gardener", the bi-monthly publication of the Aquatic Gardeners

     o  to disseminate information about aquatic plants.
     o  to study and improve upon techniques for culturing aquatic and 
        bog plants in aquariums and ponds.
     o  to increase interest in aquatic-gardening.
     o  to promote fellowship among its members.

The Aquatic Gardener (often abbreviated to TAG) contains book reviews,
articles (both advanced and beginner-level, with a slant towards
advanced, in my opinion) and a question-and-answer section.  It is
usually about 25 pages long.

Dues are U.S. $15/year, US/Canada/Mexico, or U.S. $28/year, 
all other countries.  To join, send check or money order to

      Dorothy Reimer (Membership)
      83 Cathcart St.
      London, Ontario
      CANADA N6C 3L9

Hope this helps.