A few questions...

I've been lurking on the list now for about a week, and really enjoy the 
discussions going on.  But now I've got a few questions.

My tank is a 29 gallon that is heavily planted.  It has had plants in it 
for a few months, with a gravel substrate (nothing extra -- it wasn't 
originally set up for plants).  Lighting consists of one 20W color 
enhancing bulb and one 20W Triton, and filtration is accomplished with a 
Supreme SuperKing.  Temperature is at 76 F.

How do I go about vacuuming the gravel?  A local aquarium shop recommends
that I remove the plants every few months and then stir up the gravel for
the entire tank.  Won't the plants take up most of the debris through the

I've recently seen laterite pellets advertized:  small pieces of laterite 
that are pushed into the gravel.  I'm assuming that if these are used, 
stirring up the gravel could become pretty ugly.  Are these effective?

Lastly, I've got an Aponogeton ulvaceous that just finished blooming, and
seems to be declining -- perhaps going into dormancy.  The leaves are
turning a bit brown and looking more ragged, and new growth has slowed.  I
recently attended a lecture on growing aquatic plants, and it was
suggested that Aponogetons be put in a plastic bag with a little water in
the vegie crisper for 6-8 weeks to force dormancy, and then re-planted. 
The bulb is nice and firm, and there are a lot of nice white roots.  Has
anyone tried this? 

Thanks for any and all replies.

Jeff Stuart						
103 Bristol Place					(315) 471-1404
Syracuse NY 13210-2511				jastuart at rodan_syr.edu