Re: What's this plant?

Here is what I have learned about this plant.

It is probably some species of Ammania - either A. gracilis or A.
senegalensis.  The hobbyist books are not consistent in their
descriptions of the two species.  Ines Scheurmann has a picture
labeled A. senegalensis that shows the larger, fleshier plant of the
two.  I already have this plant, and so do George Booth, Neil Frank,
and others.  This plant has stems almost 1/2" thick, 2" leaves, and
easily grows out of the tank.  Rataj says A. senegalensis is a smaller
plant, with stems 1/8"-1/4" thick ,and leaves 1" long. This
description matches the plant I saw in the store.  (If you want to see
a picture of the larger plant, point your WWW browser at the Krib, and
look in my plant tank article from about two years ago.)

Conclusion : One of these two is probably A. senegalensis, the other
is probably A. gracilis, but there is confusion about which is which.
Thanks to everone who helped.