Sand, Riccia and Glossostigma

Bob Hoesch writes:

>      Someone (Erik, I think) mentioned that sand substrates are bad for 
>      Corydoras, but I have not seen this.

I have had trouble, but only with SILICA blast sand, which looks like little
glass shards (it's also the blindingly-bright type).  No such problems with
sandbox sand or #3 gravel, which is more rounded.

> From: Hardjono.Harjadi at Eng_Sun.COM (Hardjono Harjadi)

> What do you use for ground (technically gravel) cover ?
> I have been using riccia fluitans recently as ground cover. 

You got a camera?  I'd be very interested in seeing pictures of this; I'm 
going to try it myself on my next (little) tank, as soon as I can find 
some Riccia.

> I also want to try Glossostigma elatinoides but still could not find them
> here in the US. Any tips or hints ? Erik (Olson), did you find any ?

Nope.  Results are all on the Krib.  Summary: They have them in Australia
+ New Zealand, but import/export laws are strict about getting them from
there.  They also have em in Europe.  The guy who runs Bay Area Aquatic
Plants, and Mike T. of Delaware Aquatic Imports are both stumped.  Pity
some exporter can't just throw in a little in a shipment of SAEs. :) If I
had known about this stuff when I was in Japan 2 1/2 years ago... oh boy. 

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