Useful tools

Do you have any favorite/useful tools to plant/cut your plants ?

I find tweezers/forceps is one of the most useful tool for planted tank. 
It is good to plant/remove stem plants. For example, you have planted a 
bunch of rotala rotundifolia and you see a bald spot. Instead of taking the 
whole bunch out, you insert a few more stems into the bald spot with the 
tweezer. The same case if you want to take out specific stems that are rotting.
The other advantage of tweezer is to plant stem plants in tight spaces, like 
between the woods or the rocks or right next to other rooted plants. You can 
plant them DEEP in the gravel without disturbing other plants significantly
and  you won't find them floating on the next day. This was my problem before
I used tweezers. When I planted a bunch of Myriophyllum next to anubias,
the anubias would be pushed out of the gravel. Then when I pushed the anubias
back, then the Myriophyllum would start floating.

Get the largest tweezer that you can find with fine tips that are BLUNT.
I got mine from Fry's (this is an electronic part store in San Francisco 
Bay Area). Make sure that they are sturdy/stiff enough to go through gravel.