Re: Plant Disease ?

>Some of my plants (Hygrophila difformis and Hygrophila stricta)
>start developing the following disease. The plant leaves are still green but
>there are quite a few small yellow dots with black centers on them. 
>After a while, the black dot gets larger and leaves a hole in the middle.
>Any idea what kind of disease is this ? All of the other plants in the tank
>(Ludwigia, water sprite, bacopa, anubias, riccia fluitans, rotala 
>are doing great.

I had a problem with the same description with some hygrophila that I tried to 
grow a few years ago.  They grew like gangbusters for a while, although they 
were kind of greenish-yellow (due to way too little light).  After a while, 
they started slowing down and developing spots.  Then, they started to die 
back.  I had no snails.  

At that time, my tank parameters were *very* poor:
pH:            about 6.5
KH:            close to nothing, although I didn't have any test kits then.
nitrates:      > 100 ppm
water changes: very infrequent, about 5 gal every month or so

I don't know what the disease was.

Since then, I've gone from 30 watts to 80 watts and will someday complete my 
180 watt free-standing hood (hopefully soon).  I now have hygrophila again.  
They're still kind of yellow (IMO), and they're growing fast.  All of my other 
plants are doing wonderfully.

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