Re: What's this plant?

>From: Erik Olson
>> From: "shaji (s.) bhaskar" <bhaskar at bnr_ca>
>> Yesterday I found a plant that I cannot identify.  I have seen it a
>> couple of times before.  The general appearance is like that of
>> Didiplis diandra (same size, same kind of leaves, etc.), but the
>> leaves are a bright red.  It was beging sold as a species of Rotala,
>> but it is definitely not R. rotundifolia, R. macarandra or R.
>> wallichii.
>How about Amania gracilis?  We got four of those from Mike T for our auction
>a couple months ago.  I would have sworn they were Rotala, but they
>weren't.  They're sort of growing in my tank, but really want more light.

It could very well be Ammania gracilis.  Rataj says that Ammania,
Rotala and Didiplis are all related, and that probably explains the
similarity of this plant to Rotala and Didiplis.  Does anyone have a
book that describes Ammania gracilis well?  Ines Scheurmann says that
the plant is 20" long, but that's not much to go by.