Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #23

>The only problem there might be (not sure) would be corrosion and
>the lead in the solder. The wire is probably copper too so it needs to
>be sealed up. You could use silver solder to replace the lead solder
>but this is overkill. Sealing the connection in epoxy would do it.
>Electrical tape just won't seal. Corrosion would happen where
>dissimilar metals join so that's another reason to seal it well.
>Take care not to nip the insulation on the wire wrap. It would be nice
>to have a water tight jacket over everything; wrap it with electrical 
>tape after it's wound? Would a PVC tube melt? How long a piece of
>clothesline would you need? You can get cheaper, thinner PVC tube
>from the hardware store than from the aquarium store.
> --Steve

I had good results using heat shrink tubing to seal the solder