Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #23

>Hmm.  I still think the wire-wrap wire is too fragile and brittle for 
>such a task, and the amount of work it's going to take you to wrap 200 
>feet of wire around the core (I assume this is some sort of rack?)
>is probably worth more than it'll cost to buy the Dupla cable.
>But I want to hear how this comes out because I haven't 
>heard any "after" stories with 100% DIY setups yet.  I wonder how 
>hard it'd be to find out where dupla gets their flexible resistive wire,
>and just invest in a spool of 100 or 1000 feet...  Or if we could 
>somehow insulate nichrome wire, it only costs a few pennies a foot at the 
>Chem supply.
>    - Erik

Here's my after story:  after more than a year my DIY UGH (12v with 10 
meters of 30 gauge wire) is still going strong.  The insulation on that
stuff is actually very tough, and as long as you are careful not to
put kinks in the wire it is not all that fragile either.