Water Quality

        Since i have moved I have not set up my tanks and am curious to
some of you opinions on water quality.  In the past I never measured
hardness however at our new location the fixtures imediatly were turning
orange from the rich iron content comming from out well.  I called in the
local water experts and they intalled a standard salt type water softner
which I run Iron fighter salt in and really does a good job.
        My question is with the water softner will it cause inproper readings
as far as hardness.  From what someone told me it replaces the calcium in the
water with sodium.  Is this added Sodium going to cause me problems?  Or would
I be better off using the hard water before it is softened?  I don't have a
lot of monry to invest now but have about 30 tanks sitting in my basement
waiting to be set up again.  So the most economicial solutions would be