Re: Aquatic Plants Digest V1 #15

> From: Erik Olson <olson at phys_washington.edu>
> Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 19:51:54 -0700 (PDT)
> Subject: Hair Algae + CO2 Regulator
> > From: Eric Schoville <schovill at expert_cc.purdue.edu>
> > I am having somewhat of a problem in my 75 gallon plant tank.
> > Unfortunately, Spyrogyra or another type of hair algae got
> > introduced from a plant from a pet store.  I've had it now for
> > about two months.  It hasn't taken over my tank, and it has
> > been pretty easy to scrape off the glass, but it is still 
> > unsightly and I have been looking for a fish that will eat it.
> Describe the algae in more detail, please.  Usually hair algae refers to
> long stringy bright green stuff that mainly gets TANGLED in plants.  You 
> can remove it like spaghetti with a fork.  (I have also heard 
> unsubstantiated rumors that barbs will eat it).   If your stuff grows 
> on the glass, it sounds like something else (maybe Red Brush Algae).
> Does it grow in tufts?  Is it dark?  What color?

No, It is green and is very stringy.  I don't however notice it on the plants
with the exception of the Giant Val.  It also doesn't seem to grow very fast
which I think is due to the large water changes I make.  An earlier post
asked about my phosphate/nitrate level.  Both are low, due to 60% water
changes done weekly.  It is also possible that my farawella, whiptail cat,
plecostomus, and/or ghost shrimp consume some of the growth.

Also, several posters have said that my substrate of potting soil could
be influencing this algae growth.  I beleive that this is entirely possible,
because after a week, the tank takes a slight greenish tint to it which
I assume is free floating algae.  This is one reason that I make large 
water changes, and it helps immensely.

I am changing apartments in June, and have thought about going to sand. 
I would also be interested in using laterite as a base, but am unsure of
where to obtain it for a reasonable price.  Also, what type of sand do 
you use?  Is silica sand or the play sand used at hardware stores acceptable?

Eric Schoville
schovill at expert_cc.purdue.edu