Crypts and CO2

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 >> I think CO2 could help my crypts as well.  At least, I may be able to
answer the $1M question: does CO2 hurt or help crypts? <<

 I have tanks set up with and without supplemental CO2, and the Crypts do well
in both.  They are bigger in the tanks with supplemental CO2, but these tanks
also have higher lighting, better substrate and daily trace element
supplementation so the whole environment is closer to optimum.  I'm not
willing to say that the CO2 is what makes them larger.  My feeling is that
what Crypts object to is not so much the use of supplemental Co2, but the
unstable environment in some tanks where CO2 is supplied in a sporadic or
variable manner. (as with the use of a yeast reactor)

 >> I suggested dropping the water level to accommodate emersed growth, <<

 One of the easiest ways to use emerse growth plants to remove nutrients from
a tank is to simply sit a pot of Ivy, Pothos or Philodendron on top of the
tank or on a shelf near by.  Any shoots that are placed in contact with the
water will quickly develop air roots and begin to draw nourishment from the

 My Paludarium is full of Ivy that ostensibly lives in the "land" section, but
has it's feet in the water in a number of locations, including the OPF which
drives the waterfall.

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