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On Wed, 12 Apr 1995 Aquatic-Plants-Owner at actwin_com wrote:

> From: Eric Schoville <schovill at expert_cc.purdue.edu>
> Subject: Hair Algae
> I am having somewhat of a problem in my 75 gallon plant tank.
> Unfortunately, Spyrogyra or another type of hair algae got
> introduced from a plant from a pet store.  I've had it now for
> about two months.  It hasn't taken over my tank, and it has

I recently obtained 2 'Siamese Flying Fox', although I do not 
know a great deal about these fish, they:
- clean the glass
- clean the plants
- cause very little plant damage, I do have damaged broad leafed
  plants, I believe caused by my Pleco
- appear non-agressive (although they will protect a wafer :)
- eat flakes, wafers, small amount of shrimp pellets
- cheap, about $6 Cdn/pair

My 30 gal. plant tank was in serious danger of being an algae fest.
In just 1 week these fish have made a world of difference.  I have
no visable algae on the glass or plants.  Perhaps other readers
with these amazing little fish (I hear they grow to about 6"
and can live 10 years) could also comment.

Best of Luck!,

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