re: Re: Aponogetons

>Oh yeah, you said you use Tetra fertilizer when the plant starts to look 
>Are those tablets or liquid fertilizer? I use liquid but suspect that
>the tablets may be better for the plants: more localized and concentrated.

I've pretty much decided IMO that the tetra liquid fertilizer is really good if 
you want to grow blue algae.  I use the tablets broken in half, stuffed into 
the gravel next to the tuber/roots.

>The problem with Apons and other plants (for me at least) is that I can't
>seem to provide them with enough nutrients where they want them i.e. at the

Right now, I don't have any better way of handling water-borne nutrients than 
you.  Another thing that I plan for my teardown is a substrate flow system.  My 
design is gravity-fed, and relies on a trickle from the return from my pump to 
keep the system full of water.  Any overflow just goes into the tank.  Why did 
I describe this?  I plan to add my DuplaPlant 24 drops to this system.  This 
way, I inject the iron directly into the substrate.  I will run some tests as 
to how much iron I need and maybe compare them with someone else's usage.

> The green algae bacteria are too efficient at consuming what I pour
>in. That's why I'm also trying to find out if it's better to have "real"
>dirt down there for the roots. This means actual under the surface bacteria
>working to decompose the organic material to allow it to be absorbed by
>the rootlets. The whole point of UG flow and heating coils is to allow 
>the beneficial ones to do their job. The only question I have with that
>theory is: How does it work in a swamp where there is no oxygen under
>the substrate surface? 

In a swamp, certain areas go anaerobic, and other areas have sub-surface flow.  
I want my tank to mimic a stream or pond over a swamp, though.  According to 
the books, laterite is probably your best solution.  I plan to use it.  I 
really want to avoid peat because I know I'll have to tear down too soon to get 
rid of a stinking mess of rotten sphagnum.

>Plants still grow. I suspect the substrate is the
>real secret here but let's look at how everybody else is doing it and
>compare notes.

>BTW. just post any reply to a question from me for everybody if you wish.