Nymphaea species

I just bought Tiger Lotus (Nymphea sp., don't know which one yet) bulb.
I can see some sprouts on the bulb already. Currently I have 3x15 watt
(Triton & Vitalites) in my 20 Gal tank with mesh #0 (2-3mm) gravel,
DuplaRit balls, Kent Trace Elements, Kent FW Plant Supplement, and DIY
CO2 yeast injection. The water parameters are: pH 6.8, temp 76 degree F,
KH 2 dH, GH 6 dH.

What are the specific requirements (light, fertilizer, etc.) for the Tiger 
lotus to grow well ? Does it need unusually bright light ? It's kind of under
the shade of Riccia fluitans.

Also, does this plant need resting period outside the tank like the 
Aponogeton sp. ?