Re: Crypt Rot


I spoke with Mike Tronkowski of Delaware Aquatic Imports not too long ago 
about crypt rot.  He explained it as a natural adaptation the plants use 
in their ever changing environment.  As the seasons change, and 
conditions change, the plant will "rot" or shed all its leaves.  The 
plant then grows back a new set of leaves in the new environment.  There 
are many things that can cause this change in our aquaria including:

Temperature changes/swings
Over Fertilization
Change in lighting
Change in water composition (pH, hardness, etc).
..and others

It sounds like your conditions have remained fairly consistant.  How are 
your flourescent lights?  Are they getting old?  Perhaps the 
quality/quantity of light has been changing due to old bulbs.  Hopefully, 
your wendtii/lutea will come back.  Whenever I've melted crypts, leaving 
the rootstock alone and a little praying has always brought the plant 
back ok  :)

I'd be interested to know how your C. pontederifolia is doing.  I have 4 
specimens in my 75 gallon tank and have had little luck with this plant.  
I've got several other crypts growing well in this tank (wendtii, 
becketii, usertiana, some others) but something seems to be lacking for 
the pontederifolia.


Peter Konshak
pkonshak at fiat_gslis.utexas.edu