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[APD] Plant Problems

I experienced problems growing some live plants; rooted jungle val, sagittaria, ludweigiarepens, moneywort, pennywort and water nymph.

I have three plant grow tanks.
- one 30 gal receives 2-3 hours direct sunlight.
- two 20 gal receive 6 hours of indirect sunlight
- pea gravel substrate
- no fish

My water parameters are;
nitrate 0, nitrite 0, chlorine 0. GH 150, PH 8.4, alkalinity 180.
All of these plants died except a couple vals and the water nymph.  Temperature swings from the east direct sunlight around mid-day may have been a factor.
The jungle val in the two 20 gallon tanks did much better; greening up and growing nicely.  However, the Sagittaria, ludwiegia, moneywort and pennyworth died off.   The water nymph is doing okay.

I had planned adding more plants, Puruensis, Hygro blue, anacharis and hornwort.  I holding off adding more plants to grow for now.  Any suggestions or opinions appreciated.

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