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[APD] T5 hood Catalina Aquarium

Hi folks,

Low traffic list, but I thought I’d compliment Catalina Aquarium in Sacramento for their help recently.  In 2008, I bought a 4 bulb T5 low profile hood from them for my 55g tank.  The hood came with 2 white and 2 bluish bulbs plus a funny blue “moonlight” strip (I don’t use).  After 4 years, I purchased new bulbs from them.  (yes, it was long over due, but my plants kept growing and the lights looked bright.)  Just last month, 2 bulbs quit working.  I swapped bulbs around and it wasn’t the bulbs; I guessed probably the ballast.  I contacted Catalina, drove the hood over and they fixed it, plus put in new bulbs and shipped it back to me.  They even cleaned the top of the hood, it looked new. I’m very happy with their product and service.

here’s their main web page:


John F. Hess
johnfhess at comcast_net

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