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[APD] Cape Fear Spatterdock

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>Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 18:34:35  -0400
>From: Carol Dragon <dragonmom40 at gmail_com>
<Subject:  [APD] cape fear spatterdock
>To:  aquatic-plants at actwin_com
>I have finally found a cape fear  spatterdock  that has a lot of healthy
>leaves (7) and a nice long  rhizome.  Like all the ones I have found 
>the end of the  rhizome is a little soft, but there is enough there that I
>could trim  it  and still have a lot left.  How do I best ensure that  it
>will not rot any more?  Is there something I could treat it  with?  Should 
>leave the rhizome in the water instead of  planted?  Would it do best if
>some soil is in the substrate?   At present it is floating but I placed a
>lead ribbon lightly around the  bottom of the rhizome so it is floating in
>an upright position so the  leaves will be the proper orientation.  Any and
>all advice would be  greatly appreciated.
>    Carol   < '   ))))><

A technique I read in the '80s was to cut off the soft  part up to where 
the rhizome is firm, then dip the end in melted beeswax to seal  it. Plant the 
rhizome in the substrate. 

Gerry Skau

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