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Re: [APD] pogostemon helfiri downoi

On Wed, 27 Mar 2013, Diana Berberich wrote:

I am amazed at how this plant is unavailable.  Many people want it, but no one has it.  Ever wonder why so many businesses fail. 
Everyone has photos, but no plants to sell.  What the heck is that about?  Or maybe the plant is a myth.  Any insights or availability. 
I think I will go to my fish store and look for something they dont have in stock, that I really want.  Its so much fun. 

Hi Diana,

This is a difficult plant to cultivate. At the 2010 AGA convention, Brad & Brandon from Florida Aquatic Nurseries explained one of the problems is that it goes through an emersed phase that looks butt-ugly and people won't buy it.

I've personally tried it a few times but it just keeps whithering away in our water conditions.

You try aquabid or similar?

  - Erik

Erik Olson

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