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Re: [APD] center brace

Personally, I like the 2' deep (front to back) tanks best. Those are
usually 120 and 180 gallon sizes although there are some 240 gallon
tanks out there too. Depending on how much space you have I'd probably
go for either a 120, 125 (18" deep but 6' long), or 180. Tetras are neat
in a huge school in a long tank where they have a lot of swimming room

When making a stand you might want to consider welded steel. Sometimes
it's cheaper and it doesn't have the problems wood sometimes does. You
can mount wood panels to the outside of the steel to make it look nice
and just let the steel "do the work" of supporting the weight of the


> Thanks for the comments about the center brace on tanks.  I'm pretty
> comfortable that the metal brace I made will keep the tank together
> the near term.  I do have plans to do a complete redo of the tank this
> summer.  At that time, I'll buy a new tank.  I'm even thinking about a
> different size tank, something not as narrow as the 55 (front to back)
> heck I might have to see about the guy who made my stand making
> for me.  In the 50-100 gallon range, do folks think any one size is
> I have some tetras, little cherry shrimp (my favorites) and of course
> loads of plants.  Currently using 4 HO T5s for illumination.
> John F. Hess
> johnfhess at comcast_net

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