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Re: [APD] LED Lighting

LEDs tend to last a loooong time. I've seen ratings of 100,000 hours
before but the exact time will depend on the specific one you're using
and also on the operating temperature. You can expect a significantly
longer useable life from the LEDs than from fluorescents though. I
usually think of LED's as a "buy this one time" light fixture since I've
never had to replace one (I have some 5+ years old). 

If you just need T5 bulbs, try AH Supply or Grainger. 


> While we are on the subject, does anyone know how long the lights last
> is there a way to replace the ones that burn out? Or does anyone know
> source to buy t-5 bulbs? It seems the major catalogs are converting to
> selling only LED lighting. I have never used them and have worries.
> Lief Youngs BS, REMT,?CNA
> ?

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