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Re: [APD] LED Lights

If it's just the "transformers" (ballasts) that are failing you may be able to replace them with units from AH Supply and repair your existing fixtures for minimal cost. You can do it "backwards" too if the bulbs are a problem -- I swapped out the sockets on my Hamilton Lighting CF setup years ago so that I could use AH Supply's bulbs (which are a lot cheaper). Works fine. Just make sure any wiring you do is done with 105ºC rated wire so that the heat doesn't cause problems for the insulation.

I haven't tried LEDs on any of my tanks yet but might in the future. I'm still old school on lighting I suppose with CF and MH fixtures :-) I remember T12s and T8s back in the day too...


> > Hello all and Happy New Year.  I am presently reviewing my light systems
> for
> > my two heavily planted fish tanks.  I presently use Coralife T5 HO strip
> > fixtures for a 2 - 3 watt/gallon environment.  This has worked well for
> me
> > for many years.   Except it seems the fixtures fail too often.   Seems
> the
> > transformers just don't last very long.  So with LED technology around
> While I won't try to talk you out of LED's... that technology is
> definitely improving at a rapid pace, the problem with burn-out on your
> T5HO's is, most likely, not a T5HO problem, but a Coralife problem.  I
> can't tell you how many people have told me they've had trouble with these
> fixtures (not the bulbs... they seem to be fine, but the fixtures
> themselves)
> Karen

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