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[APD] Fungus on Elodea

Hi all
I work in a lab and we keep Elodea canadensis in large tubs of water
(dechlorinated with activated charcoal) under full-spectrum light.  We use
the plants mostly for preparing slides, or to provide to teachers for
photosynthesis/cell division lessons.  Typically we buy from a vendor on a
regular basis and re-stock our tubs.
Recently I've heard that the slides-folks are seeing fungus on their
slide-preps made from my Elodea.  They've been making these slides for
years, and have never seen this issue before, so I'm looking at this as an
early warning of something that could further develop if not addressed
now.  I'm not seeing much in the way of die-off with the plants themselves,
but I'd like to nip this fungus-issue in the bud (pardon the pun).
Incidentally, I think the fungus came in on a shipment from our vendor.
I'm following that up and am looking at replacement  but would like to
still look at treatment options to see if I can get rid of it on the plants.

Does anyone have any experience with fungicides that can be used for
aquatic plants?  I know salt and vinegar are both pretty good at
eliminating fungus, but they can't possibly be good for the plants.

Would love any input you can provide.
Thanks and happy holidays, all.

Jill Gresens
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