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Re: [APD] Hydrogen Sulfide

I think that the H2S in your water barrel is coming from sulfur in the rain
water, not from anaerobic bacteria.  I'd think that there would be enough
O2 in the water in the barrel to prevent those bacteria from becoming a

Rain water can contain many compounds.  Some are present in the local air,
some are carried along with the rain itself, and some collect on roofs and
drain systems.  Not all of these compounds are harmful, but some are.

My daphnia tubs get most of their water directly from precipitation.  The
roof is not involved.  In 15 years I have never noticed any H2S, and the
daphnia thrive.   Perhaps if you used a way of collecting rain water that
didn't involve the roof, and kept it clean, that would solve the problem.

H2S can be removed through the use of various chemicals and/or charcoal
filtering.  Try a search on - H2S aquariums - .

Good luck!

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