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[APD] Hydrogen Sulfide?

Hi folks,

I have a 500 gallon rain water tank that I have recently been using for aquarium water changes.  The water smells to me like hydrogen sulfide.  I expect that anaerobic bacteria in the water are making the H2S and I'm asking if anyone on the list is familiar with this.  Thus far, I don't see any problems with the fishes, but because the water is chilly, I've been using 1/3 cold rain water and 2/3 warm tap water weekly. I know H2S is toxic, but I assume it dissapates quickly.  I have plants, fishes and little red shrimp in the tank. 

I will probably do some googling to see what I can find.  The tank is dark green, pretty thick and opaque, so no algae grows.  But, it collects water from the roof and dust and some tree debris gets in.  I have screen set up to filter leaves and stems, but invariably, there has to be some organic matter in the water.  I have a screen over the exit pipe and the lid is covered, to keep mosquitos from breeding.  The water was originally intended for my wife's carnivorous plants, since our water is hard and they don't like it.


John F. Hess
johnfhess at comcast_net

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