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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 100, Issue 1

Hi Gerry,

What I would recommend if you're able is to first quarantine the fish, by separating them, (At least 2 groups, depending on how many you have, and in case of an outbreak.) 

During this time take close observations of the fish. Moving fish from an outdoor pond into a fish tank makes it harder for them to acclimate than fish that move from aquarium to aquarium. So to make sure they acclimate easier, I would start the quarantine tanks to include a small percentage of the pond water they currently live in. Then I would do consistent and often water changes. Slowly at first of course.

As far as treating your aquarium plants, unless there are visible signs of problems, I think you should be safe without trying to sterilize them. While not everyone quarantines plants like they do fish, it isn't a bad idea.

-Joshua Dean

I found this quote on a messageboard on dendroboard.com that may help if you still wish to sanitize your plants.

"" I use two spray bottles: one with hydrogen peroxide and one with vinegar. Spray the plant with one, and then the other (doesn't matter which is first)...let it sit a few moments and then rinse with water.

In studies run at Virginia State University, pairing the two mists killed virtually all Salmonella, Shigella, or E. coli bacteria on heavily contaminated food and surfaces and, when used this way, made this spray combo more effective at killing these bacteria than chlorine bleach (I'm not knocking Antone's suggestion at all...just offering a different method I have used).""

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I have a small pond here in Michigan that I put Sailfin Mollies in over the  summer to control mosquitos. I bring them in over the winter and put them in a  20 gallon long. Over the last winter I seemed to have a heavy die off and some  of them looked visibly sick with some sort of fungal disease. I've decided to  completely reset and clean the tank before I bring them in.
Problem is, I have plants in it, naturally, which is why I'm on a plant board. LOL. What is best to use to sterilize the plants without harming them? 
In  the old days (the 1960s) they used to recommend potassium permanganate, is  this still the agent of choice or is there something else to use?

Gerry Skau
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