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[APD] miracle

now that's a response!
Unfortunately,  the original person inquiring does not have your  wealth of 
knowledge and IMHO if you tell people not to dose ferts to start out  they 
think they never will. 
I totally agree with 90% of what you are saying
I still maintain that most species of aquatic plants draw their nutrients  
from the water column and not from the substrate. So severely limiting their 
 access to the very things they need when they have already been stressed 
by the  transplant process just doesn't make sense to me.  I would think it 
would  be better to be sure that the tank had an abundance of nutrients  
available.  Now obviously , if the plants are very new and small, they wont  
need the high levels of nitrogen.  But access to carbon and trace elements?  
Cant see why they don't need them.  
Open to hear and explanation.
I am not saying there is no nutrients to be found in the substrate.   But 
whatever there was to begin with leaches out and is not replaced.   Plants 
use the trace elements and then they are gone.  
Anyone out there ever do a chemical analysis of mulm?
I use a commercial fertilizer, a liquid carbon supplement (used to use  
canister CO2), 1.5 to 2.5 WPG (about) and do WC's according to the fish  
population and feeding regimen..  
But the only real issue I had with your first post was the withholding of  
rich green
milton ma
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