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Re: [APD] Aquatic-Plants Digest, Vol 97, Issue 2

On Tue, Apr 3, 2012 at 12:44 AM,  <RMGTBTS at aol_com> wrote:
> Vlad
> lets see
> Shrimp--- I believe the female carry her eggs under her tail section and
> the young will hatch and stay there for a period of time. ?doubt if you saw
> any shrimp eggs.
Yes you are right, I saw the eggs in the stomach. I'm seeing the young
ones now. :)

> Snails. ?Sounds as if you got some common pond stails in on ?a plant and
> now you have lots of them.
> Not much that will kill a snail that is not harmful to the shrimp.
> Whenever i see one i just squash it and the fish eat the meat.

True, I asked for few snails from the seller. I had three now there
are probably 100.
when ever I get an opportunity I'm taking them out. So they eat plants?

> Didn't see what you put in the tanks to produce NITROGEN (N). ?Fish ?waste
> is mostly ammonia (NH4) which the plants will greedily suck up to satisfy
> their needs.
> No N -- No healthy plants.
I never got a suggestion for N so far. All I'm using is a ADA's
BIO-RIO in the filter.
I hope the bacteria should break amonia into N. Guide me with pointers on this.


Assassin Snails will eat common pond snails and NOT harm the plants OR shrimp !
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