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[APD] 1 month update

Hi All,

Its been more than 1 month now with my new setup. Its been fruitful so far.

Algae is under control with shrimps and controlled lighting.
I was using home made yeast base CO2 generator, but its little
complicated. Stinks and the co2 stops after 3 days.
And small mistake will cost you fish lives. So decided to invest on
CO2 cylinder.

No creativity added to the planting so far. Now I've got hang of it
and should start with arrangements. Plants are doing fine.
One problem is that leaves go dull after few days and stay dull for
long. The fresh leaves are good though but buttom leaves either look
eaten or go dull after few days.
I'm not sure if the shrimps are eating the leaves or the snails, but
the tank is now full of snails. They got multiplied.

Shrimps have laid eggs too and I see small ones here and there..

Below is the link of the tank after trimming the plants. I trimmed it
off till the bottom to allow new leaves.

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