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Re: [APD] dropchecker setup

 > >   >  I don't think most folks would consider 20-47ppm -- a range of 135% --
 > >   >  accurate and rather "highly inaccurate"
 > >
 > > ...but highly inaccurate is a lot better than nothing?
 > > :)
 > I guess it depends on how your eye sees the colour Green too?

...that, and the logarithmic pH/KH/co2 relationship can apparently be
overcome by using two dropcheckers.  See Carlo's calculator output. 

Another thought: overcome the issue of how your eye sees green by comparing
the dropchecker with actual known bromo blue solutions... make 5ml vials
with stable pH ref. solns. + bromo. blue... e.g.  6.0, 6.4, 6.6 and 6.8

 > But ideally you could simply place a pH meter in the solution and read 
 > the value of the liquid. Then apply the formula.
 > I'm surprised no one has made a meter that uses this method to simply 
 > supply a CO2 digital read out. Wouldn't be that difficult with a PIC chip.

...i'm thinking about engineering an inverted chamber that could be
conveniently removed from the tank and could have a pH probe immersed in
it's KH ref. soln.  I think daily/N per week readings are sufficient because
we're measuring a closed, mostly stable system?  Although, I do think 
my "5ml beaker with eye drop lid dropcheck is pretty nifty.


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