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Re: [APD] dropchecker setup

 > > The standard dropchecker recommendation seems to be to use a 4 dKH reference
 > > solution so "perfect green" indicates 30 ppm CO2.  But when I plug that
 > > value and +/- 2.5 into your calculator at http://dropcheck.petalphile.com/
 > > I get an error/warning msg that doesn't make sense to me...
 > I use this CO2 graph.
 > http://www.theaquariumwiki.com/CO2
 > A bitmap and Excel sheet version I put together.

It appears that using pH & dKH to infer co2 levels is prone to error because it
assumes all buffering [alkalinity] is being provided by carbonates.  How prone
to error?  I have no clue.

Carlos wrote "drop checkers use DI/pure water [and sodium bicarbonate] to remove
the chance of any other buffer" [altering the inferred co2 reading.]


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