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[APD] dropchecker setup


The standard dropchecker recommendation seems to be to use a 4 dKH reference
solution so "perfect green" indicates 30 ppm CO2.  But when I plug that
value and +/- 2.5 into your calculator at http://dropcheck.petalphile.com/
I get an error/warning msg that doesn't make sense to me...

  Your values are such that we cannot accurately measure CO2, since the
  resulting low range and high range would be less than 1dKH.

What does "less than 1dKH" refer to in this context?  Isn't the dKH of the
ref. soln. invariant and set at 4??

Also, this seems to imply that the standard recommendation for dropcheckers
is highly inaccurate?

When using a 4.0 dKH ref. soln. we know...

 yellow, ph 6.0, 4 dKH -> 120 ppm co2
 yellow-green, ph 6.4, 4 dKH -> 47 ppm co2
 green, ph 6.6, 4 dKH -> 30 ppm co2
 blug-green, ph 6.8, 4 dKH -> 19 ppm co2
 light blue, ph 7.0, 4 dKH -> 12 ppm co2

...which seems pretty useful, at least for indicating co2 > 20 ppm and 
< 47 ppm?

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