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[APD] RNEW tank algae/algae eaters

Got a response back on my inquiry about the ferts you are using and if  
there was any Nitrogen in that product.
The answer, and it came ultamately from ADA, Japan, was
"There is not nitrogen"
Back to your tank.  There are a lot of places that sell cherry  shrimp.  
What a lot of people dont know is that they have a realatively  short 
lifespan.  This means that if you buy nice big really red cherry  shrimp it is very 
possible that they may not live very long.  
The best way is to find a source commercial or hobbyist, for what is  
called a "colony" of 25 or so shrimp of various ages and sizes.  This will  get 
your colony going and if taken care of properly you may never have to buy  
another cherry shrimp again.  
Lots of fish eat algae.  Many only eat it when they get nothing else  to 
eat. Some stop foraging when they get older.  You have a small tank. Try  the 
cherry barbs and ocats, nerites and shrimp.
But you really need some NITROGEN so dont be too concerned about the algae  
now that you have your lights on a reasonable schedule.  Know anyone else  
that has a fish tank??? Ask them if you can get a couple of gallons of  
there tankwater the next time they do a water change.  Or just ask them for  it. 
 This will introduce some nitrates and while not as good as fish waste,  
(the plants can take the ammonia directly from the water and can use it easier 
 than the Nitrates found in the tank water).
want to just buy something??  Try Yamato Green-N.( i have used this  and it 
works very well as does the basic YG) or Flourish Nitrogen (i have not  
used this product but have known people who have used Flourish with success,  
made by Seachem).
How you do it really doesn't matter.  
rich green
milton ma
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