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[APD] List Activity/ LED lighting

Hello All!!  Many years back, I used to be a regular here, but have not been around for a number of years. Back in the day, there used to be something in the order of 1100-1200 posts/month, looking at the mailing list breakdown by month on FINS, it seems these days it has fallen off to a FRACTION of what it used to be??
  So, that leaves me with the question, if not here on A.P.D., where is everyone congregating to disseminate info these days??
....and the topic that brought me here....I recently picked up a copy of Tropical Fish Hobbyist, and was surprised @ the number of advertisements for L.E.D. lighting.  So, is this the new NEXT BIG THING??  I can see where there would be benefits from a reduced heat/reduced power consumption standpoint, but how does it measure up for use in planted aquaria as far as CRI, etc??

James Forgan
Edmonton, Alberta
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