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Re: [APD] Algae Eaters

The Otos and shrimp are very good choices for your small tank and the AGA is a prime place for information but BEWARE of Arizona Aquatic Gardens !!! I purchased a few shrimp and one small bottle of liquid ferts from them and they charged me $75.00 for shipping !!!
AND all but ONE shrimp was dead on arrival !!!! Ive heard of similiar experiences from others as well !!!
As Rich G. said....  Buyer Beware!!!

Charles Anderton


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Small tanks need small fish.  IMHO you could go with 4 cherry barbs  and, 4 
otocinclus catfish for fish, a couple of olive nerite snails  and some 
cherry shrimp should keep most of the algae under control.  

The shrimp will need some calcium in their diet (crab cuizine by  hitaki is 
pretty good and lasts forever). The ocats will appreciate a little  meat 
now and then.

All of these critters will nibble knaw and reduce the soft algae

The feeding of this group should get your Nitrogen up to an  acceptable 

You might want to do a search for Macro Nutrients on the APD site and get a 
better understanding of what is needed besides what is provided in the  
commercial ferts. 
The AGA, Aquatic Gardeners  Association also would be a good site to  check 
Unfortunately, sometimes  
people selling fish are more interested in selling them than really matching  
them to YOUR tank.  Buyer Beware!

rich green
milton ma  


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And also What fish  would help control algae?

Arizona Aquatic Gardens sells something they call Golden Algae Eaters, not  
sure of the Latin name. They do a good job.


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You didn't mention if the ferts you are using has nitrogen in it.  If  
none, need to add some fish.  
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