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Re: [APD] Nano Lighting

Hello.  I am maintaining a 60-year old 5-gallon tank that I have blue rainbows and plants.  Everything is going pretty well after about two years of messing with it.  However, I have had the hardest time trying to find the right lighting.  I finally bought the "right size," a Coralife mini Aqualight T5 Dual Aquarium Lamp Fixture, but realized after receiving that there were no replacement bulbs that were in the plants best interest, around 7,500K.  

Now, I have two 10,000K bulbs over this nano tank and it seems to be too much.  My question is:  is it really too much with the 10,000K bulbs?  And, if it is, is there some way to filter the light with a certain color filter?  I don't want to introduce any more floating plants, but I'm getting too much black algae.


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