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[APD] Filters for Planted aquarium without fish

Hi List,

I just joined this list. I recently put my interest in planted
aquarium and started of with basic setup and learning through the
I started with basic setup on a 2 and half feet wide tank. Using DIY
techniques for essentials to start off with, which I believe will help
me learn and understand than use the ready made stuff. Its just been 2
days that I started the setup.

1. CO2 is supplied through the traditional yeast method and bubbles
are controlled through a knob.
2. For substrate, I'm using ADA's Amazonia.
3. Plants: For plants I've started with basic ones.

I've been checking for the filters. Currently using the inner water
filter. Added ADA, BIO-RIO in it. The pressure of the filter is high
and the plants are getting disturbed with the force of the water that
comes out of the filter. I do not have pressure control for the
Planning to change.

1. I don't plan to put fishes until the plants show healthy sign. Is
filter necessary if there are no fish?
2. If filters are a must, Could some one suggest a good non-expensive
filter for plant only aquarium.

I'm still learning in this, any advice will go in as a great help.

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