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[APD] re light fixture

Hi Erik!
well IMHO Coralite fixed the problem with the bad ballasts.  I had the  
same experience with past failures but found that the more recent models have  
better ballasts and  j am currently running 6 strips all for over 18  months 
now with no problems.
 i dont have any with fans as i find unless in a canopy its just more  
power usage. Besides the cats hate them.
I am running 2WPG or about that on each tank and strips are 65's 96's  and 
130"s (2x65's on strip), so a good variety to evaluate.
i think the old ballasts came from and were manufactured by a  company 
outside of the US.  GEE imagine that.
but I cant wait to hear about the LED's and their ratings as to life of  
unit and plant growth.
rich green
milton ma
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