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[APD] proper sequence of turning on CO2 system

ok. let me make sure i understand exactly what the sequence should  be.
1  Attach regulator to tank. (check for leaks around cupling)
2. Close regulator adjustment if one is provided. 
3. Crack open tank valve.
4. If there is a flow adjustment on the regulator open until gas is going  
into tank.
5. Close needle valve until desired bubble rate is set.
If rate is too high, open and reclose to set rate.
is this the wrong or right way to do it? If wrong what specific step was  
the one that caused the problem.
I have had one regulator that did not have the flow adjustment knob but  
rather the only  adjustment was the needle valve.  The unit that  failed did 
have the adjustment knob on it. 
rich green
milton, ma
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