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Re: [APD] new CO2 system-needle valves

RMGTBTS at aol_com wrote:
IMHO and this is based on actual events, a needle valve that came
with the Milwaukee system (regulator solenoid needle valve package)
worked fine for over  3 years. Then, after a tank refill, was set as
usual, normal 2 bubble per  second, and fuctioned for 3 months with
no problem. One day, i came downstairs  and found almost alll my fish
DEAD and the gas going full bore. The tank  was fine in the morning
when the timer activated the lights and the gas. Three hours later dead fish. I was able to save 3 discus,
moved to a another  tank and held in front of the filter out flow and
two rummy nose (our ot 25)  made it on their own: all corys and
bristle nose died.
When i was providing plants to Wilma Duncan for her charity, i was
running 360 gallons of CO2 injected heavily planted tanks.  That's 4
CO2 systems for 6 years.

I had this happen once before (not on a discus tank) but  attributed
it to operator (ME) malfuction.

Not this time.

sorry, Bill, but the needle valve failed.

rich green
milton ma

Is the risk as high when the needle valve gets pressurised continuously ?

Philippe just wondering

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