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[APD] CO2, bubble count

Hello Folks:
Thanks for the info Rich.
"Needle valves are not fool proof.  They have been known to  :"slip"  
opening up to allow dangerous levels of gas into the tank.  i  have had them 
perform for 3-4 years and suddenly fail.  I believe that  a device sold to 
monitor the pH and shut the system down when there is a  drastic drop which occurs 
when there is a massive CO2 flow would be worth  the expense.  I have heard 
that the leads are an issue and need  replacement.  Someone pitch in here."
Would you be willing to share which device for controlling pH you might recommend?
My CO2 is not feeding into the cannister filter.  It is directly in the tank and set near the outflow to ensure 
mixing and absorption.  I am currently set for 3 bubbles every 25 seconds.  The diffusor is then emitting very 
fine bubbles I can barely see.  I am takeing daily pH measurements to get some idea of the relationship between
 the bubble count and pH.  My question is whether I am in the ball park or way off course.  Does anyone else 
have some pointers for me.
I will be ordering a bubble counter, but would prefer to have a better understanding of what is going on in my tank.
By the way, what does  happen to the needle valve to cause it to fail and let the CO2 flow uncontrolled
smothering or acid burning the fish?  
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