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Re: [APD] New CO2 system (Philippe Lemaire)

I can't see a good-quality needle valve slipping enough to be a problem.
I've only ever used the Nupro valves though which are pretty high-end
(and not cheap). 

I also use a homebrew CO2 reactor that I doubt would be able to dissolve
significantly more CO2 then I want in the tank. My design is a small
plastic tube on the output of a small powerhead and if the CO2 system
went crazy the tube would fill up and eventually come apart (it's just
friction fit). The excess CO2 would either be held or would vent above
the water line with little chance of a significant change to the CO2
levels in the water column. I essentially have a fail safe system doing
things this way. I just use a solenoid valve interlocked with the lights
so it's on during the day and off at night. I've run this way for years
with no problems except one failure of the power supply running the
solenoid. The failed power supply resulted in no CO2 one day before I
noticed it, and during that day the KH took a big drop necessitating a
water change. The fish didn't care though.

You are correct that the pH probes need to be periodically replaced. As
I recall the recommended replacement interval is 6 months. I played with
those some time ago but it didn't make enough difference from my simple
"on when the lights are on" system, so I no longer use them. The probes
are not cheap and I didn't see a reason to make that ongoing investment
for no noticeable difference in the operation of the tank.


> > Needle valves are not fool proof.  They have been known to  :"slip"
> > opening up to allow dangerous levels of gas into the tank.  i  have
> them
> > perform for 3-4 years and suddenly fail.  I believe that  a device
> to
> > monitor the pH and shut the system down when there is a  drastic
> which occurs
> > when there is a massive CO2 flow would be worth  the expense.  I
> heard
> > that the leads are an issue and need  replacement.  Someone pitch in
> here.
> >
> > Regardless, i personally would not put a cannister set up on my
> tank
> > again without this safegaurd. The investment in the fish warrants
> > additional  expense.

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