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[APD] Two questions

1) Is the actwin.com no longer archiving messages?

2) I was a Walmart today and I noticed they sell *two* kinds of packaged
aquatic plant bulbs, Aponogeton crispus (perhaps crispus x ulvaceus) and
"dwarf lilies" (some kind of Nymphéa.)  Do the waterlilies actually grow
submersed leaves, or do they spend all their energy trying to grow
floating pads?

I bought a package of the Apon bulbs.  I didn't trust the lilies to not
try taking over.  I have some lotus seeds, and I may drop a few of those
in the tank -- I know they will try to take over, but I can quickly
transplant them to buckets once they take off, and then put them outside
in the spring.

Best regards,

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