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Re: [APD] neglected tank

<pH  is also important. Each species varies on its tolerate on pH changes  
<ramatical alter the pH in a few moments.

<So river species  have a higher toleration to rapid pH changes.

<Stuart  Halliday
I would think the variances in Gh and Kh would be more  harmful.  Usually 
my tanks are pretty much neutral Ph. This is  mostly due to the old lead 
plumbing in some of the really old  homes in the New England area causing the 
local water company to load the water  up with Sodium Carbonate, raising the 
Ph upwards to as high as 9.0-9.5. It does  not stay at that level for very 
long and testing as little as a couple of hours  later I have found the 
readings in the tank water to be back in the low 7's  after a 50-60 percent WC.
Discus, rasporas, tetras, corys killifish; none have had problems with  
temporary major ph shifts. 
IMHO i think the average hobbyist is too carefull with how much water to  
take out and would do better taking more out and keeping the water at a 
higher  quality level.  I also think that most would do better it they tried to  
match the fish to their local water conditions and not tr and keep fish that 
 really need much different water.
rich green
milton, ma

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