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Re: [APD] neglected tank

On 01/12/2011 18:42, RMGTBTS at aol_com wrote:

I was always of the opinion that you just could not do massive WC's without
  endangering the fish.  One day i was at the LFS and watched as a WC was
done in a 40 gallon tank which contained 6 big royal blue discus being
quarantined before sale.  They took the water down to almost the top of  their
dorsal fin, dumpen in some de-clorinator and filled the tank back up with  tap
water.  Since the fish were worth about $400 i guess that they were not
too concerned.

As long as the temp of the new water is pretty close, doesn't seem to

pH is also important. Each species varies on its tolerate on pH changes though. But in the wild a flood would often come from up river and dramatical alter the pH in a few moments.

So river species have a higher toleration to rapid pH changes.

Stuart Halliday
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