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Re: [APD] Aquatic Plants - MO

Hi, Diane!

What great pictures.  I wish I had half of your talent.

Was the stream water hard and cold?   I ask this because here in PA we have
streams that originate in cold limestone springs that are rich in dissolved
solids and as a result have lush plant growth.

Do you recall anything about the insect and animal life in the stream?  Here
such a stream would have many small crustaceans, such as sow bugs, and large
numbers of fish, mainly trout, that grow fast and large.  One such stream,
the Letort in Cumberland County, 15 feet wide, has produced a several native
(wild) brown trout that weighed in excess of 8 pounds.

Did you recognize any of the plant species?   Here eleodea (anacharis) and
water hyacinth predominate in the smaller streams.  Do you think that the
plants you saw could be transplanted into a tropical aquarium?

Again, thanks for those great pictures!

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