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Re: [APD] feed living fish

On 25/09/2011 03:16, Jerry Smith wrote:


Almost every fish store sells "feeder goldfish" or "feeder guppy's".
People with Arowanas, Oscars, piranhas etc. feed their fish. People
with snakes feed living mice, although my friend kills his mice first
for fear of his snake being harmed by the mouse.

I'm aware of what American owners do Jerry. :)

I gave my friend some stunted Neolamprologus leleupi for his
Arowanas. They ate about 5 out of 30 or so when first added to the
tank. Now after about 8 months the fry have grown larger and bolder
and started swimming up top. They have been getting picked off as
they go to the surface to eat. He also added a colony of Lamprologus
multifasciatus to his Arowana tank which are surviving just
fine-mainly because they never go to the top of the tank.

This is a common phenomenon. You often see it with reptiles when owners add too many insects. The reptile ends up ignoring the crickets for the most part.

Perhaps the Arowanas, which are top feeders, feel safer with a source of food hanging around acting as spotter fish?

Here's a YouTube video of the tank soon after adding the leleupi.

Nice video btw. :)

Stuart Halliday
200 Million years in the making...
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