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Re: [APD] feed living fish

On 9/24/2011 5:35 AM, Stuart Halliday wrote:
Yes. Over here it is considered cruel and is illegal to feed live fish
or mammals to other species. They have to be humanely killed first.
Though feeding live insects isn't illegal.

Is it considered acceptable in America/Canada to do so? :)

I know you know, but ...

In the United States the prevailing attitude seems to be that as long as something happens in nature, it's ok if you do it too. For example, people will often cite the cruel deaths many animals face on a daily basis in nature as a justification. It seems inconsistent to me. For example, if you were to feed a small child to a bear at the zoo there would be an uproar despite that it happens in nature. Even if you accept the exceptionality of humans, running over a dog on purpose because "it happens to dogs all the time" would not be acceptable. I'm not sure why treating animals as disposable commodities is acceptable in many parts of the world.
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